Chilli’s Pack Zenes is awesome (MTML)

For Rs 75, you get 750mb of data for 1 month. Isn’t that great?

The signal quality is awesome. Last week I went to Belle Mare beach. A friend called me on WhatsApp and the sound was crystal clear. Browsing the internet is super fast for a mobile phone.

I’ve been using the service since 2 weeks now. I’m really satisfied. I’d strongly recommend the Pack Zenes — unless if you live in a really remote location, you might wanna ask for someone else for feedback.

Great service MTML 🙂

Analysing Car Market Trends using Big Data Tools in Mauritius

Who hasn’t heard of Big Data in the 21th century? Big Data in itself isn’t much of a great deal as knowing how to extract useful information from the data. It is the analytics part which is the killer feature of Big Data. It comprises of both science and art!


The first step of Big Data solutions is to gather data. There are lots of ways in which you can achieve this. Manual Data Entry can still be done but you’ll require quite an army of minions for that. But I was not “evil” enough to convince the minions to work for me. So I had to find other ways: Facebook Graph API allows you to get feeds from your wall, car groups you’re in.

      “message”: “Renault Scenic
Rs138,000 – Vacoas, Plaines Wilhems, Mauritius

For sale Renault Scenic Year 2005,STEPTRONIC gearbox,fully executive,1500 cc Petrol,never accidented,comes with digital dashboard,armrest,electric mirrors,alloy wheels and panoramic sunroof”,
      “updated_time”: “2017-04-16T05:57:29+0000”,
      “id”: 14851777


Good news is that the data is in JSON format. Bad news is that the message field contains unstructured data. We have to extract the informations we want from it. I use Collectiva Beta service (from for data processing.

Collectiva Beta

Let’s extract the Make, Model, Price, Location and Year from the data. I use grok patterns on the message field.

Make and Model: ^%{NOTSPACE:make} %{NOTSPACE:model}

Year: (y(ea)*r|an(n*e*))\s*\:*\s*(?<year;int>[0-9]+) // works with an 96, year 2003, yr : 14, anne 2000

Price & Location: (((Rs|\$|£|₹)(?<price_string>([0-9,])*))|FREE)( – %{GREEDYDATA:location_string})?

Now we can just throw data at it. Some will get properly parsed, some not. But with enough data, you can still get some pretty graphs. In the future, hopefully I get an AI do the extracting for me.

Let’s get to the pretty parts now: graphs.

Which car makes are the most sold in Mauritius?

Easy: A Bar Chart

How many models are within each make?

No need to have another graph. We just split the split bars for models. Voila!

How much do the car models depreciate in Mauritius?

Notice that it is graphing the 50th percentile which is also known as median. Means are kinda useless because a single outlier can cause the graphs to be very skewed by a lot. We can show the 10th, 50th, 90th percentile on the same graph so that you can compare whether the car you’re buying falls between the accepted market price. Let’s say you want a Volkswagen Polo

You can see the same lines above are not split into 3 lines. I don’t have much variation here because I’ve been collecting data for only 4 days. The lines are supposed to smoothen over time and the accuracy will increase.

Wanna see the Big Picture? Welcome the Pi Chart

In this graph, I aggregated the data into Make, Model, Year and Price. All in 1 graph. It’s like magic nah?

Want to get into Big Data World?

If you have big databases sitting around, like for supermarket, warehouse, manufacturing and agriculture, or you run an SME or NGO and would like to benefit from the insights of Big Data tools feel free to contact me for a quotation.

Termination of Employment: Is the Law made for ti-Mauritians in mind?

The “Notice of termination of agreement” is 1 month. You may find the EMPLOYMENT RIGHTS ACT 2008 on this link.

Here’s the advantages and disadvantages for both parties.
The employer:
1. Has 4 or 5 people in the department to easily cover your absence. The sooner he can get rid of you without paying, the better it is.

2. In case an employee is playing a really crucial role in the core business process. The company could just lose the employee withing 1 months without enough time for doing a handing over. This can be very damaging financially.

The employee:
1. Employers can easily fill the void created by you. But who can fill the void of a bread winning father with loans, wife/kids to feed? There is only 1 father in a generic Mauritian family.

2. She can leave her current job for a higher paying one without waiting too much.

3. Are there so many jobs on the Mauritian job market so as employees can be choosy about their jobs? I think job security is primordial.

4. The process of finding a new job can be very long. Can be greater than 4-6 months for some:
– The person has to apply for jobs.
– It can take weeks/months before responses come.
– Interviews are scheduled. Takes weeks. Sometimes more than 1 interviews are required.
– Takes more weeks before the company finally sends a proposal (if you are lucky).
– You get employed on temporary basis on a mediocre salary.
– If lucky again, you get full employment.

However, the new job can be terminated with a 1 month notice too.

Subject to any provision of an agreement, the length of the notice to be
given under subsection (1) shall be of 30 days.

I think i know what laws are passed and in whose favour
It is companies that fund elections. If ministers don’t abide to the demands of sponsoring companies, politicians simply won’t get money.

Is 1 month notice of termination enough according to you?

MyT’s LaFibre is a Tortoise

Companies make you stay 9hours in their offices: 8 hours work, 1 hour lunch break. On top of that, 3 hours lost in bus travel. You want to relax a bit when you return home, the Internet just sucks.

Orange Mauritius Speed

Orange Mauritius Speedtest

The page wouldn’t even load sometimes. Downloading a file through wget suck at 5%

wget Orange Mauritius stuck

We pay fortunes per month to ISPs in Mauritius for a service like this? Lot’s of people are complaining about Emtel’s Airbox is not delivering the promised speed on Facebook. Well, MyT’s LaFibre is a pain too after the 50GB limit has been reached.

Orange promises a better life with them. The joke.

MyT LaFibre (10Mbps limited at 50GB monthly)

B : byte = 8bits
Mb: megabit = 1024 * 1024 bits

MB: megabyte = 1024 * 1024 bytes = 1024 * 1024 * 8 bits

GB: gigabyte = 1024 MB


Been more than a month now since been using Orange’s (Mauritius Telecom) fibre connection with 10Mbps speed i.e. you downloaded at 1MBps. Since I usually use peer to peer download method (Torrents), I can say if there are enough peers, most of your downloads will be at that speed. If you use file sharing websites, then a speed limitation might come from them 😉

10Mbps is more than enough for me. My HD video contents download faster than I can watch. A 700 MB Ubuntu ISO takes 10 minutes to download. A 1400 MB 1080p .mkv video takes about 20 minutes to be downloaded. I can download sequentially to watch as it downloads. Why should I want a 100Mbps connection right now?

The Catch?

The 10Mbps is only applicable to the first 50GB traffic. Yes. Both downloads and upload in that. Think at the beginning of the month, I saw about 54GB in the customer section on Orange’s website. But that’s it. Being a responsible torrent user is harder. I usually seed to 1.10 ratio. I have to wait when the 50GB is over to seed unlimited till the end of month.

50GB is used up in 15 days.

My mom and sister are heavy “youtubers”. I had to tell my mom yesterday to limit watching her serials to extend the high speed time. 50GB is really not enough for a regular family usage.


No 2Mb/s for local and youtube when package is over

When your 50GB ends, you go down to 1Mbps. Seriously? Make it to 4Mbps atleast!

WiFi weaker

I noticed the WiFi signal is a bit weaker than the previous ADSL modem. Anyone else noticed this?


Online Gaming
I usually play League of Legends online. Found my ping to be almost same. Nothing to note here.


10Mbps is the perfect speed to have in 2015. But the data limit are a deal breaker. It is torture. You don’t feel “free” anymore.

You start wondering whether it is really important to download this right now. Think I would have preferred to have 5Mbps unlimited throughout the month rather than 10Mbps for 50Gb then 1Mbps afterwards. Anyone with the same opinion? Ideally, we should all have 10Mbps unlimited!

A Message to the New Government

I didn’t want Mauritius a fully dictated country. So now you came on power.

Should I congratulate you for winning or should celebrate the departure of the dictator?

You have won the elections and the more than Rs 100,000 salary. But the people haven’t won anything yet.

Can you keep us happy for the next 1800 days? Ofcourse, ups and downs do occur in life naturally.

Med-point? Ile Plate inaccessible? I’ve heard you no angel as I heard the dictator was no angel too.

Should you fail in your duties,

lepep pu tir to manzer!

Work for your country. Our country. Don’t sell it.

Mauritius is not a prostitute for tourists to enjoy the beautiful beaches and natural reserves while Mauritians live in the digestive system in the form of microbes and “moutouk”.

Let’s move to a better Mauritius. A Mauritius for Mauritians 🙂

The People who Ripped our Beaches

Note from Nayar: This is a guest post by one of my fellow mates.
Following a Linux event in the north of Mauritius, a couple of friends and I went for a troll to the beach. Hungry we were, we bought some food & drinks along the way. Oh! The north is a beautiful place. With the “flamboyant” trees shining orange, we know summer is knocking at the door.

Folks told me this cozy beach place, called Coden, might be the last time I am seeing it. I was puzzled and asked why? It appears that this beach will soon to barred to public since the land (owned by the Government) is being given to some group of Hotels for “development”. By development I assume that Mauritians will no more be able to access this cozy beach.



A sad moment it was for I mourned the state of our country once more.

A few bunch of small-brained people who never traveled standing in a bus, who never had water problems in their taps, who never walked the super-markets comparing prices before purchasing items, who never got excited when their salary is credited, who never had to run behind the last bus leaving the station, who never stopped on the side of the road to buy a pair of dhol-puri … they just pretend to know everything that’s good or bad for the country.

My heart urged to curse these people but I stayed calm and only prayed to Lord that intelligence, humility and righteousness be bestowed upon these lost souls. Amen!

– Ish Sookun
Note from Nayar: It is a very sad situation that people have to pay to huge prices to hotels in order to have some peace. Can’t “ti-dimoune” be allowed to enjoy the beach and the sea? Why do we need to pay for peace? Why can’t we use our beaches freely in full liberty to relax and have a nice time with our friends and family? Our national anthem has the verse:

“In peace, justice and liberty
(for those who have money)”

Can’t Mauritians live in peace with tourists? Is this the independence we voted?


Democracy is marketed as the ability of the people to have power in their hands. But what is it actually?

Every 5 years, for 5 minutes, you have the right or power to put 3 crosses on a sheet of paper next to your favorite candidates.

5 Years contain approximately 2,592,000 minutes.

The rest of the 2591995 minutes, it is a dictatorship. Our hands get tied up. Our mouths gets taped. Sticks are put in our wheels. Literally.

Employees and students wait for the Prime Minister’s and the President’s car to go before to be able to reach their office and schools.

  • Did the people want the Mauritian beaches to be sold to hotels and restaurants?
  • Did the people want speed cameras? Or roads which are safe, fast and efficient?
  • Did the people want Rs 50 million crappy website?
  • Did the people want frauds? If you’re a ‘petit copain’, then yes
  • Did the people want the Government to store their fingerprints and bio-metric photos?
  • Did the people want a Rs 2 billion prison facilities?
  • Did the people want to increase the bus fares when it was already high? 1,2

But now, something bigger is going to happen. We won’t even have that 5 mins. The current PM wants a permanent seat on power by planning to become President. The opposition joined the government. What do we have now?

Can we choose who we want to be our dictator? Or can we choose our supreme dictator?