Anil Bachoo vs Anil Gayan

Anil Bachoo vs Anil Gayan

One thing that stroke me in this post in this:

“I believe these people are governing from their comfortable office and cars far from the reality of our society.” – Anil Bachoo

Well Mr Anil Bachoo, you’re completely right about this. I guess you lots of experience in this field right? huh!

What did you do when National Transport Corporation was reporting “losses”? Instead of finding the root of the problem and find solutions, you just increased bus fare for “ti-dimounes” by Rs 2 for each travel while you continue to drive in your BMW with police escorts.

It’s really hard to compare whether the current government is shitter than the previous one. I don’t want this aging,money-minded fleet of politicians to tell us what to do. I’m fed up of you all MSM, MMM, PTR, PMSD et al.

More Money to Mauritian Parliamentarians.

We, the people who make the salaries and allowances of “honorable” parliamentarians, got Rs 150 increase in our salaries as “compensation” [1].

Mauritius Compensation Rs 150

When parliamentarians decide to give themselves more of our hard earned money. We, the ones who i remind make the salaries of parliamentarians, can’t do anything.

The “opposition” only puts a motion to diminish the increase of salaries of parliamentarians [2].

What we, the Mauritian people, actually want is to reduce the salaries of parliamentarians.

But no one gives a shit. We voted to replace dictatorship with ‘dictatorship’ [3]. That’s our punishment.




Noise at Tamarin “Public” Beach in Mauritius

These guys brought their fucking electricity generator and their fucking huge speakers. Spreading high amplitude noise waves. Totally spoiled my afternoon. I was at Tamarin since around 1300 and they were already present in the kiosk.

Tamarin Kioske

After swimming, I was in such  hurry to return home. Just when I was about to start my engine, I noticed they were leaving. It was around 1820.

Finally I could get out of my car. My sister said “now we can finally hear the sea”. The atmosphere became relaxing all of a sudden. I told everybody to get down and enjoy the beach and the clear sky for sometime. Listen to their shit:

Last time at Blue Bay had a similar experience. A guy in a restaurant was singing so loud in speakers so that even in the waters you could hear the noise.

Should I have called the Police or it was their “right” to put such loud music?

Mounting Pendrives at Boot on Raspberry Pi (or Not)

Raspberry Pi with PendriveWell, I got a pendrive that I want to be automounted on my Raspberry Pi. Simple as hell. Do an $ lsblk command. Find the drive name. Mine was /dev/sda1.

I edited the /etc/fstab file to automount it at boot

/dev/sda1       /mnt/externaldrive      auto    defaults     0       0

Problem is that when the pendrive was not on the raspberry pi, the latter would refuse to boot properly. Even the WiFi or ethernet doesn’t work. Had to actually plug in my TV’s HDMI cable to view the boot error messages.

Some googling after, found this page:

Edited my /etc/fstab like this now. Notice the nofail option.

/dev/sda1 /mnt/externaldrive auto nofail,auto 0 0

Now I can boot with either a pendrive in or not. 😉

Think my 32GB MicroSD died on me

And I didn’t make a backup of it since quite some time. Lost quite some photos 🙁 Been using the card since like 4 years now.

lsblk shows the disk as 30.6mB

root@nayarpersonal-Satellite-L50-A:~# lsblk
mmcblk0        179:0    0  30.6M  0 disk

Same result with fdisk

root@nayarpersonal-Satellite-L50-A:~# fdisk -l /dev/mmcblk0
Disk /dev/mmcblk0: 30.6 MiB, 32096256 bytes, 62688 sectors
Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes
Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes

I tried dd’ing the disk onto an image but the image size turned out to be 31mB which doesn’t help at all into recovery.


Searching on the internet, didn’t find someone who managed to fix it except for a guy who put it in oven. Weird.

Advice: always backup your datas!!!

Review: Firemax FM316 Tyres at Tiremaster LTD

Got my VW Polo (Mk3/6n) some new Tyres recently at Tiremaster LTD located at Curepipe. Very nice and professional service I must say.

Volkswagen Polo Mk3

Bought a set of 2 Tires of the size 155/70R13 for Rs 1668, i.e. Rs 834 each, including mounting and balancing. I’m not sure it was Nitrogen filled as per what the ad said. I simply forgot about it.

The advertisement also said “European Quality Tyres” but actually they are from China of the brand ‘Firemax’. I guess it’s only about the ‘standards’.

Firemax FM318 FF101

I love the new Tyres. The steering wheel feels much much lighter. I don’t have to stress that much so as to be able to park or do some quick maneuvers. I guess 155/70R13 tyres have smaller contact width that 155/80R13 ones. I remind you this car doesn’t has power steering. Now it feels like as if it did have PS 😛

I don’t feel any vibrations when going above 100km/h on the motorway. Driving on bumpy roads feels a bit more firm but it is still a very comfortable ride.

Are the tyres durable? Only time can tell. Rumour says typical tyres last about 2 years. We’ll see how they perform with time as they wear out.

n00b Review: Kubuntu 16.04 LTS

Paradigm shifts are very small in KDE as compared to what gnome and other workspaces offer in their upgrades. This might make following KDE upgrade kinda boring or unexciting. KDE’s look the same since maybe decades. This is one of the reasons people prefer KDE 😉

The desktop

After a fresh install. Here’s what you see. Nothing.

Kubuntu 16.04 Desktop

Look at how ugly the KDE Cashew button has become. It used to be so beautiful in previous releases.

Kubuntu 1604 Cashew

No more events and holidays shown in Calendar Widget :(. Maybe the feature might come in the future.

Calendar Widget Kubuntu 16.04

Start menu

Pressing the “start” icon. Nothing. I’d expect at least a browser and file manager there. How would people coming from Microsoft Windows get a hint where to start exploring?

Kubuntu 16.04 Start Menu

What? The icons are still like KDE 4 era?

Kubuntu 16.04 icons


No visible regressions nor visible improvements.

Dolphin in Kubuntu 16.04

System Monitor


System Monitor in Kubuntu 16.04

New Screenshot App: Spectacle

Well. Like the previous app except that now it names the screenies with the time in the filename (‘Screenshot_20160424_141321.png’). Nice

Kubuntu 16.04 screenshot app: Spectacle


Never worked 100% with me. In KDE 4, I couldn’t rely on it to bring me my mails and alert me. It would just stop working for no apparent reason and work again later. First time opening Kontact in Kubuntu 16.04. It looks like this:

Kontact in Kubuntu 16.04

Don’t think it is production ready. Will it ever be? I guess no one uses it. I’ll still test it in a few days at work.

Other issues:

I don’t seem to be able to drag and drop images from Dolphin or Spectacle to WordPress. Is it just me?


It is just like KDE 4. Feels like KDE 4. Just maybe feels better (for now) with a refined “new” old look. Good to know that it is running with Qt5 with QML.

If your production Kubuntu 14.04 LTS works well for you, I don’t really see the need to go through the pain of upgrading knowing that the upgrade process *might* break. If you are installing Kubuntu on a new machine, definitely choose 16.04 LTS. Better stay up-to-date on paper 😉 How do I recover my username?

Ok. 50 millions were spent on making this “web portal” as they call it. Internal links are still pointing to domain while they have migrated to I heard the contracted company got paid again for the url change.

NTA Fitness still old (18/04/2016)

If you’re smart enough, you can change the url in the browser. For access to a service, you have to login.

Login on

Look at this form. Do you really have username as the “primary key” in your stupid relational database? I don’t f*******g remember my username !!! It didn’t allow me to put my favorite username). How do I recover this now? Oh, there is a “Password Forgotten” link below. Let’s have a look at it.

Recover password on

NIC Number: OK. It’s on my ID card
Email: I know.
Username: How the fuck will i recall this? Why is it even there? Was this website designed by amateurs who don’t know how to normalize tables? Or they copied the template of the login form from League of Legends forum or something? Are you stupid?

My government spent my money of making an e-Service platform that I CAN’T FUCKING USE!

Oh oh oh. Some might say I just criticize. Why don’t I move my a$$ to help make the website better since I’m an IT professional. Well, put the whole source code on Github so that we can amend it for free! Yes. For free!!!

Oops. Maybe free means no commission for you Mr the Ministers. Put the source code on Github!!!

My CHiLi Internet stops working randomly


Sittin’ in car waitin’.

3G data enabled on the chili SIM.

But the internet is not working.

Chili Data

The reason being a mystery even for chili techies.

I once brought the phone at the general headquarter office. They couldn’t diagnose it. They said my settings were correct. They didn’t have a spare micro-sim in the office to check too. Disappointing.

Do you also face such issues too? As much as I want to love chili, I’m getting disappointed. All I need is internet. If CHiLI can’t give me this, why should I keep CHiLi? I’m tired of Orange holding the monopoly in Mauritius.


Lot’s of things going on in my mind. “The government of Mauritius has gone crazy,” people are murmuring. Mauritians, powerless, just watching the dramas unfold before them. We, humans of planet earth, are trained to “consume”.  Television, Facebook newsfeeds, newspapers and all are easy for us. Few are those who have the ability to “create” something.

The Banning of Ajinomoto

I don’t really care much about Ajinomoto. But the current Minister of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection, Mr Ashit Gungah, wants to ban it for some random reason [1]. He says the product detrimental to public health. How much do you really care about public health? Doesn’t cigarette cause problems? A quick search on Google about Ajinomoto shows no concrete evidence of Monosodium glutamate begin harmful to health. Certain countries believe it to be dangerous so did Mr Ashit Gungah [2]. Some doctors said it is totally fine [3]. Are the ministers just doing “stuffs” to show they deserve the more than Rs 100,000 salary per month taken from us?

Leave us to decide for ourselves what’s good for us and what’s not!!!

Where is the Ministry of Health in all these? Does he have a word to say? Who is the Ministry of Health to begin with?