How much does your car really cost you per month in Mauritius?

I have had 2 cars till now: a Volkswagen Polo 1996 and a Honda Jazz 2008. Which one is cheaper to run and operate? I have logged every expense which I had to carry out on both of them on a Google Spreadsheet.

I bought my VW Polo at Rs 72,000 in November 2015 and I sold it for Rs 40,000 in February 2019. But, as you know, cars come with lots and lots of other expenses such as registration tax, road tax, insurance, repairs and maintenance. In all, the money to acquire and run the Polo for 39 Months was Rs 142,000 (excluding fuel). I drove 39,144km during this time. If we add fuel too, the total spent was Rs 275,000.

TCO per month for VW Polo:  Rs (142,000 – Rs 40,000)/39 month = Rs 2615

TCO per km for VW Polo: Rs (142,000 – Rs 40,000)/39,144 = Rs 2.61/km

Total cost per km for VW Polo: Rs (275k – 40k) / 39,114 = Rs 6.00/km

I bought my Honda at Rs 210,000. With all other costs taken into consideration, as of today 22 months later, the total money spent was Rs 257,000.  I estimate the resale value to be Rs 190k. I drove 24,280km with it till now. With the fuel added, it is Rs 331k

TCO per month for Honda Jazz: Rs (257k – 190k)/22 month = Rs 3053

TCO per km for Honda Jazz: Rs Rs (257k – 190k)/24,280 = Rs 2.77/km

Total cost per km for Honda Jazz: Rs (331k – 190k) / 39,114 = Rs 5.82/km


Cars cost a lot to buy and maintain. The more expensive and exotic, the cost can be drastically higher than mine.




Unique plant only found in Mauritius. It will shock you!

We had a little walk at Coline Candos where we discovered some unique plants in Mauritius.

Can you identify this fruit?

It’s a unique fruit of Mauritius. Still can’t guess? Let’s zoom in a bit.


Ahan! It’s a Blue Marlin fruit.

So, what colour does this fruit become when it’s ripe and falls to the ground? Can you guess?



Do you know this colour? Share with your friends to see if they know it too!

AMD vs nvidia vs Intel

2020 is kinda exciting year for computer hardware. AMD has been killing it.

But would I recommend an AMD for a laptop? Hmm, I’ve been looking at eGPU systems lately. It does require a thunderbolt port to work with. Unfortunately thunderbolt is an Intel exclusive technology for now. You will thus not be able to use your ultra light AMD laptop as a real gaming monster. I don’t know if USB4 works with eGPUs. Anyways, always confirm that your Intel laptop does have a thunderbolt port. My Asus Zenbook has no thunderbolt.

On the GPU side, the 6900XT seems to be on par with the RTX 3090. But most machine learning libraries such as tensorflow are optimised to be running on CUDA/nvidia. I hope the machine learning community start using AMD GPUs as well. Maybe it is AMD which is keeping some APIs close or something. But I hope machine learning takes on AMD GPUs as well. It’ll be awesome.

Will I be able to afford all these techs? I don’t think i’ll be building a PC anytime soon as I don’t have the money and space in my house to be able to get a huge TV for entertainment.

Enabling Nvidia Hybrid Graphics on Linux

I was going to activate my NVIDIA 940MX to play some Tomb Raider when I saw that nvidia-settings has a new option: on-demand.

Activating the option allows you to run only selected applications on the discrete GPU. How to activate that on Steam?

Let’s take an example of Tomb Raider:

Step 1: Open steam and go to Library

Step 2: Go on game settings:

Step 3: Set launch option as follows:


And voila! Next time you open the game, it’ll run on your discrete GPU. You can check it with nvidia-smi


Olive Oil

Ship-wrecked on our shores

Governed by dinosaurs

Knight in shining armour

The sheep got a voice

3820 gave you their support

The Dinosaurs heard your roar!

No one thought you could be bought

Lo! Dinosaurs got themselves a knight-shepherd

Sheep are giving away their wool to have the oil soaked

Meanwhile The Dinosaurs are after the insurance money…