Trip to Madagascar: What is Diurnal Air Temperature Variation?

I was told Madagascar is almost same climate to Mauritius. So I did some research and indeed. The temperature matches that of Mauritius. I see Antananarivo will be 19 to 23 degree Celsius.

It would be kinda comparable to a Curepipe temperature in Mauritius.

But then I noticed something else. Have a look at the minimum and maximum temperature difference. In Mauritius is it around 5 degrees (23 – 18). But in Madagascar, it’s like 13 degrees ( 23 – 10).

During the day you may be fine wearing just a t-shirt

But on other occasions or at night, you might need to have 2 sweaters and 1 t-shirt.


But it’s alright. Just be prepared and you’ll be fine 🙂

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