2 Years investing in Mauritian Stock Market.

Today marks exactly 2 years since i first purchased stocks on the Mauritian stock market.

Yeah. I bought 100 shares of MCB. But then the prices dropped after that so I purchased more and more as I gained more confidence.

I regret to not having bought more of the stocks at those cheap prices but anyways. It’s good that I started. I invested in 11 companies since then.


So how is my return today, after exactly 2 years you ask?

Well well well, I made some substantial loss of around Rs 40k with 4 stocks (18k + 19k + 0.5k + 2k). But these are just paper losses as I haven’t really sold them since I bought (unrealised loss). But on the the rest of my stocks, I made some quite some money; again just paper gains as I haven’t sold them for a profit. I did receive like some 60k of dividends throughout these years.

How much did I lose as compared to the US Dollar? On 18th May 2021, USD was Rs 39.45. Today is it 45.50. That’s about 15% loss in purchasing power.

But my portfolio grew about 10% in these 2 years. Therefore my purchasing power compared to USD was around -5%.

If I would have just bought USD in May 2021, It would have been more profitable. But anyways, I think I’m kinda satisfied with my portfolio. It’s quite liquid and gives dividends. My Compound annual growth rate (CAGR)  is 4.88% currently which is slightly above what banks would give as interest on fixed deposit. Fixed deposits don’t go down in value though.

Yeah. Sometimes the stock value goes down and you’re like wondering is it transitory or something really bad happened. But as I said, I did lose substantially with some stocks. I also made the mistake of listening to some of my friends instead of just trusting my guts and my analysis. Fortunately my main stocks are covering my losses.

I hope you enjoyed reading my experience. Have a great day or night wherever you are 🙂

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