FAQ about Ugly Commercials

Don’t Mauritians have enough talent to make beautiful commercials?
Of course they can. Mauritians are a very talented people. Never make the mistake of underestimating them 😛

Why don’t they make Beautiful Commercials?
Why spend energy and time making beautiful commercials when crappy ones serve their purpose perfectly. The aim of commercials is to make people aware of a particular product rather than just pleasing our eyes. While people are watching a movie, the commercials just break up and the people re obliged to watch anything either pleasing or non-pleasing – they do not enough time to change the channel.

So, are Ugly Commercials more efficient than beautiful ones?
Yes. Infact, Ugly ones become popular more quickly in Mauritius . When they are released, you hear people talk about how ugly they with their friends.

– Personne 1: “Eh, ton get sa reclam lor sensibiliter dentaire la?”
– Personne 2: “Wi ta. Mari villain sa. Mari gopia sa boug la. LOL”
– Personne 3: “Ene nuvo reclam sa? Bizin ale get sa ene kout la. Pu gagne mari riyer”

The buzz created by such ads is bigger those beautiful ones which require much creativity and energy to create. Some people even blog about it.

Aren’t the Mauritians fed up with these?
Many Mauritians are subscribed to satellite TV(Canal Satellite, Parabol Maurice).  Youngsters spend most of their time on Facebook.
Such people do not watch MBC at all except for the 19:30 news on MBC 1.

The Future?
Do you expect grandmaz who watch “tulsi” get on street to protest about these ads? No one has seen the future though. Lets hope the situation might change 😀

Personne 1:

7 thoughts on “FAQ about Ugly Commercials

  1. You get what you pay. Those ugly ads are usually the cheapest ones.

    That said, hats off to Circus Advertising for being the most creative ad agency! 🙂

  2. Ugly ads don’t attract much attention. People whine for a couple of days and forget it.
    However, some ads are wonderful. The new KFC ads are great (i’m not necessarily talking about the policewoman ad 😛 ). The kraft ads, or even camel nuts one will stay in our memory for a longer time 🙂

  3. Ahum…ahum…don’t trust what you see…most great Mauritian ads are copied…et oui!!! “most”…

    Am in the ad business too and trust me…it’s a crappy world! lol!!! 😛

  4. Hey this a really nice post. Everytime i watch MBC tv commercials I feel like vomitting. The Mauritian ad makers should realise that we are in 2010, and in a developing country above that. Some ads are real shame to the country.
    Which one you think are the worst ones? How about a top 10!
    I find the Value Max commercial disgusting..

  5. Hats off cuz ^_^ that post makes your point very objective!!!

    But u know what!!?? – unfortunately (most likely fortunately) I at most watch tv for 30 mins per week ~_~; so let’s wait for another decade bro ^_^

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