Lightning: A source of Fear and Hope

And of His Signs is that He shows you lightning for fear and hope, and sends down water from the heaven, with which He revives the earth after it is dead; in that are surely Signs for a people who understand.[The Holy Quran Al-Rum 30:25]

Yesterday, we had some big lightnings and thunders after a long period of time. Today while i was reading the Holy Quran, i came across the verses quoted above.

I don’t think i need to introduce you to the fear thunderstorm causes :D. However, it kept me wondering how can lighting be a source of hope while we associate lightning to destruction?

I read a small commentary on the verse. The answer is sooo simple 😛

During lightning, air is ionized. Nitrogen(N2) which is a very unreactive gas is converted to Nitrogen Oxide(NO). The latter is eventually converted into nitrates so that plants can uptake them for growth.

During lightning, an infertile land is indeed revived as its content in nitrates is replenished. And lightnings are often accompanied with heavy rainfall. Plants can once again grow with full strength as they get all they need to grow.

God is Great!!!

6 thoughts on “Lightning: A source of Fear and Hope

  1. @Nitish:
    We all knew this fact. It was hidden just somewhere in our minds. In school, students learn by heart that Nitrogen fixation is also done by lightning.

    However, just knowing the fact avails you naught. We need how to read the Holy Books and find signs which God sent for us.

    We will then learn to how appreciate nature and God’s perfect work. Our faith in God only increases with science. Not vice-versa

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