My Linux distro is better than yours!!

Grown old, maturity level kinda more.

Which Linux distribution is the best? How you got all the distros tested?


Each person being different. Needs, expertise differ.

Not everyone using the same road are going to the same destination. Some are rushing through it. Others enjoying the view. And some the curves.

9-5 workers (9-6 in Mauritius),  technology enthusiasts, money making minds. All in different mindsets.

One ring to rule them all! Is it just a dream?

Humans invented the ‘swiss knife’ afterall.

But swiss knives can’t be used to build an aeroplane, can it?

Even Windows gets sold as home, professional or server edition.

Each distro has its own pros and cons. Don’t look for perfection.

Choose what fits your purpose and thou shall be happy…



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