Facebook Connect for MyBB Released

After long a long development and testing stage, i am releasing the long awaited “Connect with Facebook” plugin for MyBB 🙂

My plugin is based off the Facebook connect plugin Ali Razavi wrote for his site www.alilg.com. He was very kind to release it freely to the MyBB community. May Allah bless him.

Future plans:
I plan to make the plugin fetch people’s Facebook profile picture as avatar during registration. This feature would also be available to existing users.
Another thing i’d like to implement is to allow the users to fill required profile fields during registration.
There may be other things that are not coming to my mind right now 😀

What about “post to profile” features etc?
I do not plan to add these features. I may add it in version 2 which will take some time to come. I think i need to stay focus on the basic functionalities of this plugin i.e. login and registration with Facebook. Anything else would be called “bloats” and would distract me from making the core more solid and secure.

To get more info and download the plugin, go here:
FBConnect for MyBB

11 thoughts on “Facebook Connect for MyBB Released

  1. You can release 100 of these plugins but if people can’t register on your website it will be pointless.

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