A Tiny Comparison between Google+ and Facebook

I managed to get into the new social networking site Google+. Some people say it is THE Facebook-Killer. Is it really so? I made a tiny comparison of both sites:


Google+ definitely has a better privacy options than Facebook. You can post materials which only people of selected groups or circles can see. Therefore your boss or relatives won’t be able to spy on you as they did before. If you are concerned a lot for your privacy, i would recommend you to switch to Google+ now. But still, you should always be careful on any social site and don’t do stupid things which you might regret later.

Friends and Contacts:-

Google+ doesn’t have a thing knows as “Friend Request”. You can add anyone in your circle and the other person would just be notified about it. He or she wouldn’t be obliged to add you to his or her circle. It’s a bit like twitter. I really miss the Facebook friends system. It seemed more natural and exciting.


Facebook seems to be a more universal platform. You can join Facebook with any email account e.g. gmail, yahoo, hotmail or even your own personalised mail. However, Google+ is for gmail users only (atleast for now).

Stupid Apps and Peoples:-

Google+ fans say that Google+ doesn’t have the Farmville, daily love percentage guys and apps. Therefore it’s cooler. But when Facebook was newly created, it was like this too. Instead of me moving to another social networking site, why not send the farmville guys to Google+ and i enjoy my current location? 😛 j/k

Chat and Video:-

Facebook has recently introduced Video Chat. It has also enabled adding more people to a current chat. Google+ and GMail had these feature long time ago. But most of my friends are on Facebook the majority of time. Therefore, Facebook chat and video FTW!!!


Google+ has re-invented the wheel once again. The same coolness at the start which might get bloated later. Webmasters would have to add the Google +1 button and work on Google Friend Connect services just like Facebook Like button and Facebook Connect. The Facebook APIs change very often. It is difficult for webmasters to keep up with the changes. But now, we will have to follow the Google APIs too. Just PITA! 🙁


Google+ has lots of potential but i prefer my gud ole Facebook. It is just eye candy except it’s improved privacy. It is also helping Facebook to improve itself as competition increases innovation 😀

One thought on “A Tiny Comparison between Google+ and Facebook

  1. You have some weird text on your about box, below :
    “Go to admin panel > Users > Your Profile > About Yourself > Biographical Info > Fill is text area > and click: Update Profile button. note:only for admin OR click here(..or for “user ID : 1″)”

    This thing, your Facebook friends won’t ever tell you koz they are too busy on their farms. Google+ people will, because they care.

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