Passed Oral Test for Driving License

I passed my Oral Test! It was damn easy 😛

You are showed the questions on a television screen and a voice reads it. You then have 30 seconds to shade the appropriate circle in your answer sheet with the marker they provide.

There are 40 questions in all. The first 5 questions are NOT counted for markings. They are just to make you feel comfortable with the system. You are therefore allowed to make 6 mistakes in 35 questions.

In the middle of the test, the television became extremely loud for sometimes. I don’t know if it’s done on purpose just to panic people or it was a genuine error somewhere. I was shocked a bit but calmed down quickly though 😀

It went very fine overall. Stupid me that I wanted to postpone the test because there was database lecture today. I managed to do the test and still able attend the lecture. I’m soo relieved now 😉

Time for me to learn how to actually drive a car now and do the practical test 😛

6 thoughts on “Passed Oral Test for Driving License

  1. hmmmm, i think he said 3.

    As soon as the policeman said that i passed, i was so excited that i didn’t pay much attention to what he said afterwards 😀

  2. bien contan tn passer..fer mami kner..fer lepep kner…ayo tn deza fer li..wahahaha…wa dir moi kt sa mo bizin fer sa langxxx mama test , bizin fer ene aplicasion online.. pa p truv li.

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