First time to cinema: Avengers

In my twenty years of existence, today was the first time i went to the cinema.


We intended to watch Avengers in 2D. But when we reached there, we found out it was playing in 3D.  😀

We paid Rs250. Not bad.

I was really afraid when the first time some images were displayed on the screen. Then there were Indian movie commercials. I thought they misplaced the movie. n00b. lol

Then the movie started. It was awesome. The 3D effects were very visible and the spectacles they provided were not that uncomfortable. It was very light and made of plastic.

One thing i didn’t like about they movie was the fight between Thor and Iron Man. It was like “fake”. Seriously!? Thor, the “God of War” having a fight with a man made metal machine which goes that long. Iron Man should have been reduced to dust. I find the scene kinda embarrassing got Thor.

Anyways, the rest of the movie was awesome! The actress was HOT  😀

I really enjoyed it 🙂

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