“made in moris”. Worst branding ever!!!

made in moris

Have they gone crazy? This is total bullshit!

Inside jokes are cool between friends. Only insiders can appreciate that. We cannot use a local word in a branding that will represent Mauritius in the world.

Foreigners know the word Mauritius from maps, dictionaries etc. Mauritius was branded “Mauritius : C’est un plaisir“. Would they be able to know “moris” is actually Mauritius? We’re wasting our marketing resources here. Y U NO MARKET MAURITIUS IN A CONSISTENT WAY!?

Hey! Would you go to a wedding in shorts and beachwear stuffs?

Ofcourse you can! But would you? Is this the image they want others to have about us? That we are retards? We don’t know the context. We mix English with some other language?

Made in Mauritius is cool enough. I’m proud of my country!


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8 thoughts on ““made in moris”. Worst branding ever!!!

  1. Maybe it is a nice idea…who knows….actually mauritius need marketing and investers so we need to attract people.

    for sure on a 60% basis, the failure is bounded………mais bon….moris content faire copy cat…lolz

  2. Yeah, we sure need marketing.

    “L’union fait la force!”.

    If everyone markets Mauritius under different names, everything gets lost. Look at Apple company. They got very few iPhone models. It’s much more easier to market. People remember it. It makes much more impact than a company which markets different models.

    I guess this branding is for foreigners to know our products right? But look at that website madeinmoris.mu. It’s in creole. *sigh*

    Wonder who they are targetting with this brand. The local people themselves? LOL 😀

  3. i think this is a message for Mauritians only to encourage em to buy Mauritian products so that we can reduce imports… 😛 but am not sure…

  4. Bonjour! Moi aussi je ne suis pas d’accord avec le “made in moris” C”est de la bĂȘtise de mettre “moris” au lieu de mettre correctement le nom du pays “Mauritius”. Comment faire comprendre aux enfants cette phrase en anglais? en crĂ©ole?

  5. Il y a quelque chose que vous n’avez pas compris : ce logo est destinĂ© aux produits mauriciens vendus Ă  Maurice, pour que les Mauriciens arrĂȘtent de croire que tout ce qui est fait localement est de moins bonne qualitĂ© que ce qui est importĂ©. C’est d’ailleurs pour ça que la campagne avait commencĂ© par des spots annonçant la crĂ©ation d’un logo, et qu’ils proposent maintenant au public de voter par sms : le but est que les Mauriciens “s’approprient” ce logo. Il n’est pas supposĂ© ĂȘtre apposĂ© sur les produits destinĂ©s Ă  ĂȘtre exportĂ©s…

  6. Makes more sense if it’s to be used in Mauritius only.

    “Produit Pays Reunion” <- All words are in french and seem professional.

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