Anil Bachoo. What is it that you do?

Last time he increased the price of transport was because bus owners simply wanted to.

This time, one specific company, The NTC, cannot function properly because of corruption. He decides to increase all bus fares. Other bus owners are like “OK” to this decision.

Since i don’t have the balance sheet for NTC, here’e how i imagine it to be:

Income: Rs 100, 000, 000

Salary of management: Rs 70,000,000
Salary of workers: Rs 10,000,000

Maintenance: Rs 10,000,000 (Rs 9,000,000 stolen by managers)
Fuel: Rs 20,000,000

Loss: Rs -10,000,000

Let’s say with increasing bus fares, what guarantees us more money will be given to “real” workers? Even if the budget for maintenance increases theoretically, what guarantees us that the money won’t be held by the management? There is NONE!

I heard a bus driver with about 20 years of service gets around Rs 11,000 per month. A newly recruited creole teacher gets Rs 13,000 per month? They are mostly imams or something. A school cleaner, pion as we know it, who works day and night gets about Rs 3000 per month. Seriously!? Who is a more important asset in the development of the country?

Wonder when we’ll have a government with real brains and hearts.:-/

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