God = E = mc2?

Once my uncle asked me what is God? As always, I replied dunno. He said:

God is a “set of attributes”. I was like that’s it? o.O

Seriously, what is God? Is it just a concept after-all?

Hypothesis: God is Energy
This is a concept that has become quite popular. Let’s put this theory to test.

The famous law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change form.

Traditional Muslim belief is that God is formless and omnipresent. Energy is formless and omnipresent.

Does an idle stone also posses energy? Yep. That’s what “temperature” is all about. Even at 0 Kelvin (-273 C), electrons of the rock’s atom are still spinning. This means they possess Kinetic Energy.

What if we isolate the electrons and protons/neutrons? We all know the famous theory which Einstein formulated . Mass and energy are therefore commutable. Everything around you can be converted into energy and vice versa.

The Origin of Universe
What was there before the Big-Bang? Some say the energy was “created” by an external entity (God) while others say it from a previous Big-Crunch. But from where did the previous universe get the energy? The law of conservation of energy itself says it cannot be “created”. God is also known to not having created and being here since even before time started.

So far, Energy = God seems to be a consistent theory.

Weaknesses of this theory.
God is omniscient to the extent that even a leaf falls and he knows it. Is energy too? Let’s consider gravitational potential energy. It is defined with the following formula:

For 2 point masses in space, even if their distance r tends to infinity, they will always be in the gravitational field of each other. If the distance changes, both parties experience a change in attraction.

If the relative position changed so as the distance r remains constant such as an object in orbit, both parties would be able know the direction of the pull. Forces are vector quantities anyways.

But in real life, wonder if falling of a leaf can be detected far away in space with a gravity detector with ‘infinite’ precision. And also, is there a propagation delay for electromagnetic forces if an object comes closer? Don’t think my college physics knowledge can confirm this. From what i understood from a quick search in WikiPedia is that the speed of gravity is same as speed of light according to theory of relativity. ref

I don’t think i can analyze this part. Energy as we know it doesn’t inhibit “intelligent” behaviors. Here is where maybe a soul theory might come handy. Maybe the soul is special type of energy…

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