Ex-Commoners doing Android at Ebene Accelerator

This is a guest post by my team mate Sehrose:-


Seen a post about code challengers, the 1st thing pop up my mind.. “OH! NO…. mo bom dan programming moi e sasi pu mobile”…. and just bypass everything. Then a day came when i met Nayar and Toshan (my team mates) at the university talking about code challenge at Ebene. I think oh wow! i know a little programming so we can manage to develop something… thinking that they know android programming. The day came before registration, we meetup to discuss about the code challenge competition when i came to know that no one knows anything about android development, just the basics as i do. The first thing we did on that day was to use google api to make a google map appear on our mobile. The whole day went and no light of hope. Afraid of taking part in the competition, one day left now and we don’t even know how to add a google map!! Nayar and Toshan said: ‘pa traka nu aler si resi resi sinon mem perdi nu pu apran imP zfr’…. i said ok lets do it.  Here come Friday morning when i started coding my 1st mobile application (a google map on the screen), still no hope. Prayer time came, after prayer went back to debug my application… and here come success….Was so happy that i start to post on facebook… “Nayar mn resi mn resi”… Was so happy but still the question was ‘will we be able to complete an application in one day?’ if we took two days for just adding a google map!

Here came Saturday morning, the day of competition. Was scared but didn’t lose hope. When i enter the hall, i was just shocked… ‘so many developers’,,,,, oh no we won’t be able to do it… looking all the real developers representing their companies and we! we from nowhere knowing the basic programming of android. We were the smallest guy (year 2 student at uom) in the mobile application competition.

Here came the title on which our application will base. When Nayar opened the envelop he just whispered ‘location based mobile application’…. we say ‘yahooooo!’… we know how to put a Google map on the screen.

Once we decided about our application we started to code. Little by little… up and down.. we tried to do an application that we can present to the judges in front of everyone. 28 hrs to learn all those stuff and applying at the same time, was really a real challenge. Saturday afternoon came, we were still learning and working on how to get our location via GPS… little by little we learn so many thing that around 3 in the morning we almost accomplished all our milestones.

Finally sunday morning, few hours left and we had almost complete our application just adding some little features and everything was working fine. We didn’t have time to discuss what i will be talking about, how to present the application, i just prepare some slides and went to for the presentation. I was just a little afraid of facing the judges, mbc, all the developers from different companies, but we did it.

“Two days of learning and 28 hrs of coding” we have learnt so many thing that i personally think without this competition it would not be possible. Would really like to thanks Nayar and Toshan for the continuous support as well as Orange for giving us such a golden chance that we can walk along real developers and help us bring the challenge to beat them up.

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  1. Was like challenge accepted….. Done really a great job!!!
    Bzw heard about another hackaton in 6 month…r u ready???

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