After Ebene Accelerator, now Ebene xTreme Deccelerator

I was so happy about the Orange’s Ebene Accelerator code challenge competition. Infact I was just going to publish an article from my friend describing the awesome time we spent there. After the event I went to stay at my cousin’s and the day after went to meet a client.

Few hours ago, my internet connection suddenly dropped. My land line phone is not working too. Last time something like this happened, it tookΒ Mauritius Telecom 16 days to repair it. This time i called them, they said a techician shall contact me in the next 3 days. Ale compren! :@

I had to Topup my mobile and buy an internet package for 1 day (30mb). Last 2 times i bought it, i got an extra package with it. But now, when i need it most, they didn’t give an extra package πŸ™

Got my connection back 2 days after. πŸ™‚ There were people working on drains who cut the underground phone lines. My whole area was cut out.

4 thoughts on “After Ebene Accelerator, now Ebene xTreme Deccelerator

  1. Yeah! I know the frustration of not getting a service when you need it the most. The best bet is write an article (on your blog) describing the bad experience … Print a copy and send them with the URL in footnote.

  2. I had got the same problem for my two last university exam…. No internet connection and need to prepare my notes… worst experience ever….. I called them about 5 times finally they appear when exam is over, after app.10 days!!

  3. WEll WELL it is mauritius telecom and it was like that.Calling them is of no use cuz sometime they forget to register your complaint.It is better to go there(in their so-called Orange Shop), “maltraite” zot Orange couch…then your work will be done…

  4. LOL πŸ˜€

    Got it working now. There were people working on drains cut their cables :-/

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