A Message to the New Government

I didn’t want Mauritius a fully dictated country. So now you came on power.

Should I congratulate you for winning or should celebrate the departure of the dictator?

You have won the elections and the more than Rs 100,000 salary. But the people haven’t won anything yet.

Can you keep us happy for the next 1800 days? Ofcourse, ups and downs do occur in life naturally.

Med-point? Ile Plate inaccessible? I’ve heard you no angel as I heard the dictator was no angel too.

Should you fail in your duties,

lepep pu tir to manzer!

Work for your country. Our country. Don’t sell it.

Mauritius is not only for tourists to enjoy the beautiful beaches and natural reserves while Mauritians live in the digestive system in the form of microbes and “moutouk”.

Let’s move to a better Mauritius. A Mauritius for Mauritians 🙂

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