All they want is to legalize slavery in Mauritius

Well, you must have heard what is going on in this country. Promise of billions of jobs. Jobs like waiters, belly-dancing and carrying bags.

Recently, OTAM (Outsourcing and Telecommunications Association of Mauritius) wants the government to removed restrictions for importing IT workers from abroad [1]. OTAM says the Mauritian Textile industry is a “success”. It’s a joke right?

“Take, for example, the textile sector. If we were to rely solely on Mauritians, the industry would not have encountered such developments and rapid growth.”

I guess “a successful industry is defined as an industry which makes huge profit”. For instance, if a company A employs 100 people with a Rs 30,000 salary per month and makes Rs 5,000,000 as profit is OK. But if company B employs just 10 people with Rs 2,500 salary and makes a profit of Rs 100,000,000 over their heads, the government and the “petit-copains” would be happy.

OTAM Mauritius Vision

The people of Mauritius want companies like company A. Mauritian politicians and “petit-copains” love companies like company B.

The government wants to legalize slavery in all industries. This article by l’express states [2]:

“En fait, explique-t-il, les Mauriciens sont moins enclins à travailler jusqu’à des heures tardives”

Logan, a Mauritian blogger, writes a fictional news report which might happen in 2020 in Mauritius [3]

“That (the promised 665 dollars) is big money in Bangladesh and I was prepared to make any sacrifice for it,” Amin told slashslash who visited him at Ebene, in northern Mauritius, where he lives in a container provided by his employer, SmartCities Inc.

But, today, the Bangladeshi worker earns little more than a quarter of that amount. “I have been cheated,” he said.

40 hours per week is already too much. They want people to do overtime and get paid peanuts just to be able to stay alive. Even if it is in a vegetative state. Winter is coming. Slavery is coming. Slavery is already here!

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