[Part 1] Requirements of a Good Transportation System for Mauritius

Transportation in Mauritius is better than lots of “third world” countries. I think Mauritius deserves to be the top!

Requirements of a good Transportation System

1. Eco-friendly

Our planet first, right?

2. Time Saving

Time is money they say. Fuck money! Time is life. Why waste time to get more imaginary money? Be with your family. Work your hobbies. Make yourself happier.

3. Comfortable

We’re animals. Comfort is what we all like.

4. Cheap

We don’t need to be spending 50% of our salary to be able to go to the ever diminishing public beaches (special thanks to Mr Shawkutally Soodhun for selling our beaches like his predecessors).

5. Safe

Who wants to die or lose some body parts? Safe


I think all the points above can be summarised by 1 word: Stress-Free

We don’t want to to harm the planet. We don’t like being bored. We want to live our lives to the fullest. If we continue to believe in our stupid Ministers and Parliamentarians, nothing ain’t gonna change — at-least in the not favour of Mauritians.

Please do comment about your personal requirements for what you, as a Mauritian, expect our transportation system to be. Stay safe. Let’s hope 2017 is the year Mauritians talk, propose ideas and get things done 😉



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