Why does God “test” children?

I was scrolling Facebook when I saw this post:

(The Godless and Irreligious:)

Friendly Atheist 发布于 2016年12月13日


Does it make sense? I think yes. Why does God has to test small kids who don’t even know they are being tested — or at-least don’t understand the reason of it? I previously wrote an article on how to determine whether God is being nice to you or you are being tested: The 3 Arrays of Life.

Yet, people tell me there are books after which you read, you’ll stop asking question whether is God fair or why is there so much injustice in the world. Basically everything is about “absolute justice”. Maybe I should read one of the books to understand how can people think that way.

Anyways, one should not be afraid to question stuffs. Always question everything whether at work or at home. You’ll die less stupid (or more stupid according to some if your opinions differ to theirs).

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