The 3 Arrays of Life

Everything that happen to us can be classified as follows:

  1. Favour from God
  2. Test from God
  3. Punishment (Karma)


A favour is something good that happens to us. e.g. we have food in front of us. Or we get a promotion in our job. Or we have a healthy body.


A test is something which we consider as ‘undesirable’ such as property loss, getting sick, your children dying, getting a leg crushed under a truck. Theory says God is testing your patience and loyalty.


Punishment (Karma) is a like a test but it is for people who have done a previous bad deed. For example, if one person steals then falls sick, it will be said that because he stole, he is paying for his action.

Is life fair?

By definition,

“God is good.” (Quran, Bible, etc)

If he created Satan means he created a testing tool.

Some tests end in ugly ways. Children getting exploded in Syria, Palestine; Women getting raped; Dying in famines; People born handicapped; People being mentally retarded.

How can God be still good? Different religions try to solve ‘the equations‘ by either saying: OK, there’s paradise in which the people will finally rejoice. Others say it is because they did wrong in their previous lives that karma is punishing them. Next life would be cool.


Planet earth, if considered alone, seems to be unfair/unjust/cruel. Based on the discussion above, we see that an external entity such Paradise or Reincarnation is needed as a parameter to solve the equation of life and to be able to yet have a good God.

And for those who think the equation hasn’t been solved, theory says:

God’s wisdom is infinite (∞).

It should be enough to overpower any finite variables such as tests and punishments. Period.

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