The sky is NOT blue!!!

Warning: This blog post might be shocking for some people. Please bear with me for a while or leave this page right now! My sincere apologies if this post hurts anyoneโ€™s feelings.

The whole humanity is in manifest error. You say the sky is blue. Completely wrong!!!!

Infact, the sky is purple.

You definitely are an ignorant people unless you accept my statement and be my sincere follower.

WTF Nayar!!! We all know that the sky is blue. You Idiot!

See for yourself. You called me idiot? Shame on you

Blue Sky

This is blue. Stop wasting my time with your useless talks. Stupid!

If you do not accept the fact that the sky is purple and that I am the best scientist of all time, then you are a son of a prostitute (yes, that’s how the argument was). Follow these steps so that you may see the truth:

1. Sincerely believe in me as the greatest scientist of all time
2. You need to enjoy this blog post with all your heart
3. Wear these spectacles

4. Now look at the sky again once you purified your heart

WOW!!! You are a genius Nayar!!!

How could i be in error for the X years I am alive. You are my indeed my savior.
Without you, i would be like others who think the sky is infact blue.

Some years after
Now, everyone is made to wear that spectacles from birth itself. The first colour of the sky they would see is Purple. It has now become a FACT!

If someone happen to remove his spectacles for any reason whatsoever and sees the colour of the sky as blue, he would say to himself:

OMG, I sinned! I removed my spectacles. Thats why i saw this. I shouldn’t have done this. As from now i will always keep my spectacles on. How did I dare question the colour of the sky? Shame on me.

Else, this could happen

– Mummy, mummy. The sky is not blue!
– Ofcourse! This is because you removed your spectacles. Without it, you won’t see the truth. Put it on again son.
– Yeah. I can see it again. Thanks mom for your clarifications. (sad ending indeed ๐Ÿ™ )

No one would do further questioning as they wouldn’t want their mom to be called a prostitute. He would be boycotted very badly.

So, what’s this all about?
Well, that’s my own story i’m telling. God gifted me with eyes and a brain Alhamdolillah. They made these 2 things ‘Haram’ to use. I *must* see only through them and let them think for me.

They use irrational arguments to counter argue things which any casual Joe would usually see as mere ‘bullshit’.

When I would ask to them reflect on certain things, they would tell me that i am too naive for these. I should read more of their litteratures.

If they are indeed truthful, then one is bound to recognize that from whatever method he uses. We don’t need brainwashing.

When i would put infront of them arguments which are crystal clear as pure water and solid as diamond, they would say:

(some bullshit explanations)…, to tell you the truth Nayar, i don’t know myself! Anyways, i would recommend you to read our literatures. There must be some explanations to it

Can you see how all conversations end? They would always say to wear their branded spectacles so as i could see the ‘truth’ as truth again. And if i persist using the eyes which God gifted me, you know what they would do.

I just want to see truth by myself and take my own decisions!!!

If they are indeed truthful, then one is bound to recognize that from whatever method he uses. We don’t need brainwashing.

May God guides us on the right path, the possessor of all knowledge, the best of Guides. May he bestow his mercy upon me and upon you all.


6 thoughts on “The sky is NOT blue!!!

  1. nice article…
    good arguments…the world should be wats behind….
    n also ine ariv ler pu ecrire 1 l’article lor bne mover zoive ki kntn veil zafer dimun…:P

  2. Assalaa mo alaikum ww

    Hey dude, can I know what spectacles u use now (or were using? ๐Ÿ™‚

    More sincerely/seriously, may I know what u r talking about?


  3. @Waseem Joolfoo:

    It doesn’t matter to whom i am referring. I just wanted condemn such cowardly acts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I also condemn such cowardly acts but what both intrigues/worries me is that u tel “guys this is my story…” and it’s a painful story dear for someone still so young as u n who has a long life ahead (iA :)) under a Blue or Purple sky :)…zt’s y wanted to know. I wd request u to mail me on my address if u r replying me… cz I do get ur posts automatically…
    Peace b on u.

  5. Hey dude v nice story… jst one thing… the spectacles shd hv bn red… then ze sky wd b purple… as blue(sky)+red=purple…anyway i unders tood ze msg bhind v wel… wel-thinked stry…

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