24Hrs vs Rs 50 Million gov.mu Website

Recently WebCup organized a competition to make a website in 24 hours. Have a look at the websites a team of 4 people had to do in 24hrs only!

  • Ceridian – http://ceridian.webcup.mu
  • Chesteroc – http://chesteroc.webcup.mu
  • Esokia – http://esokia.webcup.mu
  • Extension Interactive – http://extension-interactive.webcup.mu
  • FRCI – http://frci.webcup.mu
  • Elite Business School – http://elite-business-school.webcup.mu
  • Paperboat – http://paperboat.webcup.mu
  • TNT – http://tnt.webcup.mu
  • Team Urban Error – http://urban-error.webcup.mu
  • Wanderers – http://wanderers.webcup.mu
  • Web Thugs – http://web-thugs.webcup.mu
50 Millions government Website
50 Millions government Website


Now compare those to our dear 50 Million Government Website: gov.mu. If such websites can be made in 24Hrs, why did the gov.mu cost Rs 50 Million? Food for thought….

2 thoughts on “24Hrs vs Rs 50 Million gov.mu Website

  1. Can’t get any of em to load in my browser (Firefox). Maybe that’s why they didn’t cost Rs.50M?

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