MyT LaFibre (10Mbps limited at 50GB monthly)

B : byte = 8bits
Mb: megabit = 1024 * 1024 bits

MB: megabyte = 1024 * 1024 bytes = 1024 * 1024 * 8 bits

GB: gigabyte = 1024 MB


Been more than a month now since been using Orange’s (Mauritius Telecom) fibre connection with 10Mbps speed i.e. you downloaded at 1MBps. Since I usually use peer to peer download method (Torrents), I can say if there are enough peers, most of your downloads will be at that speed. If you use file sharing websites, then a speed limitation might come from them 😉

10Mbps is more than enough for me. My HD video contents download faster than I can watch. A 700 MB Ubuntu ISO takes 10 minutes to download. A 1400 MB 1080p .mkv video takes about 20 minutes to be downloaded. I can download sequentially to watch as it downloads. Why should I want a 100Mbps connection right now?

The Catch?

The 10Mbps is only applicable to the first 50GB traffic. Yes. Both downloads and upload in that. Think at the beginning of the month, I saw about 54GB in the customer section on Orange’s website. But that’s it. Being a responsible torrent user is harder. I usually seed to 1.10 ratio. I have to wait when the 50GB is over to seed unlimited till the end of month.

50GB is used up in 15 days.

My mom and sister are heavy “youtubers”. I had to tell my mom yesterday to limit watching her serials to extend the high speed time. 50GB is really not enough for a regular family usage.


No 2Mb/s for local and youtube when package is over

When your 50GB ends, you go down to 1Mbps. Seriously? Make it to 4Mbps atleast!

WiFi weaker

I noticed the WiFi signal is a bit weaker than the previous ADSL modem. Anyone else noticed this?


Online Gaming
I usually play League of Legends online. Found my ping to be almost same. Nothing to note here.


10Mbps is the perfect speed to have in 2015. But the data limit are a deal breaker. It is torture. You don’t feel “free” anymore.

You start wondering whether it is really important to download this right now. Think I would have preferred to have 5Mbps unlimited throughout the month rather than 10Mbps for 50Gb then 1Mbps afterwards. Anyone with the same opinion? Ideally, we should all have 10Mbps unlimited!

One thought on “MyT LaFibre (10Mbps limited at 50GB monthly)

  1. I use actually a standalone 4g LTE CPE router which is a sim card router and a mtml chili SIM card . The only inconvenient that I have is that I had to remove the SIM card every 3 month to put an unlimited 1tb package which costs about 799 rupees, but 799 for 3 full month and unlimited, It’s a deal. Now we come to the speed, which reaches 23 Mbps during the day and 32 Mbps at night.
    For only one person, I admit that it’s nearly impossible to end 15 GB of package in a day.
    Therefore I download also a ton of 1080p mkv movies which is around 2 to 3 GB , my TV is hd ready, so I don’t need 4k video and I watch A lot of YouTube videos whether TV shows or tutorials on my android TV box, I couldn’t kill the unlimited package, and the speed stays constantly over 20 Mbps.

    Overall besides having to remove the SIM card every 3 month to recharge it, I’m overall very satisfied with my 4g router because I don’t have to use my smartphone for WiFi hotspot purposes which is a battery eater and reduces battery life. Non removable batteries are a pain to replace and I want to keep my phones much more longer and in this case, a router which is plugged into a power outlet is needed.

    I tried to put A my t package unlimited monthly but 2.5gb daily is a deal breaker compared to the 15gb allowance that MTml is giving.

    However I do agree with you on how my t internet is shitty and sometimes barely receive signals. I would be pissed also if I have to download movies and in the middle of my download, I got a message telling me that my internet speed has gone to hell and I have to accommodate with that bloody 1mbps.

    My t speed in the morning hits the 127 Mbps but I will rather take chili 1 tb unlimited package with it’s 30 to 45 Mbps, that’s why I switched to chili package because even 20 Mbps at any hours of the day is more than decent for me.

    Hope this would help

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