Abolition of Re-registration Duty for Cars in Mauritius

This morning on Facebook, I came across someone who posted the following:

Let’s have a look on NTA’s instructions on how to sell your car.

source: nta.govmu.org [accessed: 02/05/2017]
The procedures seems fair and easy and not costly. However, the “The deed of sale should be registered at the Registrar General’s Department” part will be very expensive. Why doesn’t the NTA put the all the cost in one place? Anyways, there are no direct links from that page to know how much you have to pay to register the deed of sale.

I had to google it.

The second link is the PDF which has the informations.

2 months ago, I wanted to buy a newer car. But with these exorbitant duties, I refrained.

If I want to buy a newer (secondhand, 4 year old, 1.4l) car, I have to pay government Rs 26,000 for no fucking reason…

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Now we ask ourselves, how many old cars are involved in fatal accidents? Every time I watch the news, I see BMW, Mercedes, etc being crushed. Where are the old cars? Why are they so hated?


Older cars are used exclusively by poor people. Each time a poor person buys an old car, he has to pay Rs 6,500, Rs 10,400, Rs 13,000 for >1001cc, >1251cc, 1501cc respectively.

Math question for CPE students and adults too. [300 points]

Let’s assume each time an old car is sold among the poor, Rs 10,000 goes to the government. How many poor people it takes to pay for the new Pravind Jugnauth car which is valued at Rs 23,541,673? Please leave the answer in the comments.

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  1. And RS 39000 if his dying dad gives him as a souvenir his old 1992 pickup due to its 2446 cc engine…

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