PlayStation 4 Country Settings for Mauritius

When you’re creating an account on PlayStation Network, you’ll have to choose your country of residence. Unfortunately Mauritius will not be in that list. You’ll have to choose another country. Which country did you choose?

A friend did inform me that I’ll have to make this decision but I wanted to try my newly bought PlayStation 4 ASAP that I didn’t really do a proper study of which country I should have chosen. I simply chose the UK because I thought It would have lower latency in games in multiplayer games. I thought it would determine which servers would be used. Europe is closer to Mauritius than to USA ping-wise.

Game pricing

Comparing the prices of games on the UK and US version of the PlayStation store, the prices seem really high on the UK site.

The Shadows of Tomb Raider costs £ 55 pounds on the UK site whereas on the US site, it’s $ 59.

In Mauritian rupees, it is Rs 2489 and Rs 2103 respectively at the time of writing. It’s a difference of nearly Rs 400 which is huge.

Better buy games on Physical Media (BluRay)

Since the prices games on BluRay are much less than online downloadable games, it’s better to buy BluRay games. After you get bored with the game, you can just sell it to someone else. Moreover, Mauritius Telecom is really squeezing more money from Mauritians buy making us pay extra Rs 200 to upgrade to a 20Mbps MyT connection with more data allowance. I want a real unlimited 10Mbps connection to begin with.




11 thoughts on “PlayStation 4 Country Settings for Mauritius

  1. Hi man thanks for this blog. Hey but when i want to buy games online, i cannot add my credit card account nor paypal because they ask you to specify region of the credit card which in my case is mauritius. Unfortunately i already signed up on canada while setting up my ps4.

    How to change the country or add my credit card so i can buy games online??

  2. Hii ,am having the same problem, i cant buy games online or play online and no credit or debit cards works on Uk acccount

  3. Hi, I’m having the same problem… No Mauritian credit or debit cards work on Uk account can someone help.

  4. The best way to buy games online or psn cards or PS plus card is by going through with a supplier. I always buy my credit and cards on but make sure to select the right on depending on your user country. Note that for FIFA players you won’t be able to buy FIFA points or coins.

  5. I need to purchase a Fortnite v-bucks gift card. However, not being able to do so neither with credit card nor PayPal. Anyone can help please.

  6. Just put some money on your wallet…you will not be able to add any credit card but what you can do just purchase refill your wallet so that you can purchase games on playstation store…go to G2A.COM where you have a great selection.

  7. My big problem is I want to buy my ps5 console on it but I put my region/country to South Africa but, how I will be able to receive it in mauritius please everyday I am on playstation direct waiting in the queue to get my new ps5

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