Anil Bachoo vs Anil Gayan

Anil Bachoo vs Anil Gayan

One thing that stroke me in this post in this:

“I believe these people are governing from their comfortable office and cars far from the reality of our society.” – Anil Bachoo

Well Mr Anil Bachoo, you’re completely right about this. I guess you lots of experience in this field right? huh!

What did you do when National Transport Corporation was reporting “losses”? Instead of finding the root of the problem and find solutions, you just increased bus fare for “ti-dimounes” by Rs 2 for each travel while you continue to drive in your BMW with police escorts.

It’s really hard to compare whether the current government is shitter than the previous one. I don’t want this aging,money-minded fleet of politicians to tell us what to do. I’m fed up of you all MSM, MMM, PTR, PMSD et al.

More Money to Mauritian Parliamentarians.

We, the people who make the salaries and allowances of “honorable” parliamentarians, got Rs 150 increase in our salaries as “compensation” [1].

Mauritius Compensation Rs 150

When parliamentarians decide to give themselves more of our hard earned money. We, the ones who i remind make the salaries of parliamentarians, can’t do anything.

The “opposition” only puts a motion to diminish the increase of salaries of parliamentarians [2].

What we, the Mauritian people, actually want is to reduce the salaries of parliamentarians.

But no one gives a shit. We voted to replace dictatorship with ‘dictatorship’ [3]. That’s our punishment.



[3] How do I recover my username on the government portal?

Rs 50 millions were spent on making this “web portal”. At the time of writing, internal links are still pointing to domain despite the fact that they have migrated to The irony is that contracted company got paid again for the recent URL change.

NTA Fitness still old (18/04/2016)

Anyways, I want to actually use the system. Let’s try to login:

Login on

Do you really have username as the “primary key” in your stupid database? I don’t remember my username! It didn’t allow me to use my favorite username at the time of creation because it’s too short.What do I do now? Oh, there is a “Password Forgotten” link below. Let’s have a look at it:

Recover password on

NIC Number: OK. It’s on my ID card
Email: I know.
Username: How the fuck will i recall this? There is no “recover username” option. Was this website designed by people who don’t know normalize tables? Or they copied the template of the login form from League of Legends forum or something?

My government spent my money of making an e-Service platform that I CAN’T FUCKING USE!

Oh oh oh. Some might say I just criticize. Why don’t I move my a$$ to help make the website better since I’m an IT professional. Well, put the whole source code on Github so that we can amend it for free! Yes. For free!!!

Maybe free means no commission for you Mr the Ministers.


Lot’s of things going on in my mind. “The government of Mauritius has gone crazy,” people are murmuring. Mauritians, powerless, just watching the dramas unfold before them. We, humans of planet earth, are trained to “consume”.  Television, Facebook newsfeeds, newspapers and all are easy for us. Few are those who have the ability to “create” something.

The Banning of Ajinomoto

I don’t really care much about Ajinomoto. But the current Minister of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection, Mr Ashit Gungah, wants to ban it for some random reason [1]. He says the product detrimental to public health. How much do you really care about public health? Doesn’t cigarette cause problems? A quick search on Google about Ajinomoto shows no concrete evidence of Monosodium glutamate begin harmful to health. Certain countries believe it to be dangerous so did Mr Ashit Gungah [2]. Some doctors said it is totally fine [3]. Are the ministers just doing “stuffs” to show they deserve the more than Rs 100,000 salary per month taken from us?

Leave us to decide for ourselves what’s good for us and what’s not!!!

Where is the Ministry of Health in all these? Does he have a word to say? Who is the Ministry of Health to begin with?




Freedom and Chains

Free from physical chains. We are celebrating today, the 1st of February.

Government can at any point in time, put someone in jail for having different opinions, definition of “freedom”.


We are bound by chains. Written by lawyers. All laws being equal. Some more equal than others allowing “Human Rights” to be suspended.

Common ‘literate’ people can’t even read 1 single paragraph of the “Law” or “Acts” or dunno what the fuck they’re called. Yet, we are governed by it. Punished by it. Rewarded by it. Allowed to live by it.

Freedom is education. Not brainwashing.

Hack whatever you get. Learn, research. “Society” will of course not approve that. What happened to Galileo Galilei?

Be a Galileo Galilei!