Using old Android Phones as Surveillance Cameras in Home Assistant

Phones get obsoleted very fast nowadays. Meaning you must have phones lying around in your house which are too slow to be used daily. I had an LG E612 which I thought to use as an IP Camera.

I installed “IP Webcam” app from Google Playstore. We need to note down the IP address and Port of the webservice which it starts. Ideally we should fix the IP address on the DHCP of our routers.

Next we configure Home Assistant to fetch data from our phone.

We then restart Home Assistant and voila! We have our livefeed.


Problems encountered:

  • The Android phone seems to be freezing after 5 hours. Maybe it is overheating or something but it doesn’t reboot. It gets stuck on the booting animation. Is it a bug in Cyanogenmod or hardware related?



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